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     Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida

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Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida

“Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida” belongs to a series of visual art performances that explores imposed limitations, resistance, and the search for liberation. Inspired by the healing process of an injury, “Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida” is a durational performance focused on the body’s ability for self-repair, and the search for control over our own body and life. Departing from the act of sleeping as a time for detoxification and healing, the performance offers a process of curative transformation; from being trapped in breaking ligaments and the ugliness of self-inflicted pain, I progressively give way to the bathing calm of liberation.

Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida by Verónica Peña
Performance art
Duration: 30 minutes
Perneo Encuentro Internacional de Performance Art
Museo C.A.V. La Neomudéjar, Madrid, Spain
July 12, 2019
© Copyright 2019 by Verónica Peña