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Healing Time

The separation from my culture and my family led me to continuous reflections about who I wanted to spend my time of life with. These reflections evolved into the understanding of the physical absence of my friends and family as their premature death, and in artworks which functioned as thresholds between the (me) here and (they) there.

In Healing Time, I covered my body with translucent tape as if it were embracing me. Afterwards, I lied on a platform installed by the Hudson River. While lying there, I transformed the Brooklyn Bridge Park into my own chamber, and froze time in a space between death and life. When I removed the tape, I also removed my death skin, and released myself from the past.

Performance / Installation
Duration: 6 hours
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, New York
September / 26 / 2009
ę Copyright 2009 by Verˇnica Pe˝a