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Cuerpos Llevados (Carried Bodies)

Inspired by ship figureheads, “Cuerpos LLevados” (Carried Bodies) proposes the use of performance art as a tool of self-affirmation and empowerment. “Llevados” means carried, taken, transported, oppressed, held, and cuddled by the past, by destiny, the system, and others. Using my body and a large object, I refer to personal, historical, and social ties to reveal structures that constrain our bodies. “Carried Bodies” is an attempt to overcome the limitations and invisible barriers that challenge our daily existence. Performing a series of actions that take the body into “impossible to maintain postures”, I challenge established relationships between the body, the space, and the others around us. This performance is a homage to those that—lost, or involuntarily carried by others—are trying to find their way to freedom.

Cuerpo Llevados (Carried Bodies) by Verónica Peña
Performance art
Duration: 25 minutes
No Nation Art Gallery, Chicago, IL
March 17, 2018
Photo by audience member
© Copyright 2018 by Verónica Peña