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     Carried Bodies: La Máquina Dormida

     Matter Rearrangements

     Carried Bodies

     Eating the American Flag

     Alien of Extraordinary Ability

     The Door

Matter Rearrangements

Motivated by a search of ambiguity, and following a desire to contemplate the body as a physical and emotional matter out of established categorizations, such as, gender, identity, race, etc.; “Matter Rearrangements” proposes the use of a malleable material to transform the body and explore potential understandings of the self.

Matter Rearrangements by Verónica Peña
Performance art
Duration: 40 minutes
Itinerant Performance Art Festival
Smack Mellon Foundation, New York City, NY
May 23, 2018
Photo: Andrea Basteris
© Copyright 2018 by Verónica Peña