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     2022     S U B . S T A N C E

     2022     The Body In The Substance

     2021     The Water Tank Sessions

     2018     The Substance Of Heaven

The Water Tank Sessions I

Verónica Peña with Tara Gladden
Long-Distance Live Online Collaboration
Live Underwater Performance (IN) + Live Sound (MD)
Hosted online via Zoom by Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, November 2020

This video features the entire performance as recorded by Zoom, raw, not edited or enhanced.

THE WATER TANK SESSIONS, curated by Verónica Peña, is a new long-distance series of audio-visual collaborations that invites professional musicians, singers, and sound artists to play and improvise while being inspired by the vision of the submerged human body. For the first enactment of the series, invited sound artist Tara Gladden and underwater performance artist Verónica Peña collaborate live from different states of the U.S. Hosted by Grace Exhibition Space, NYC, using a digital online platform, the artists present the audience with a unique auditory and visual experience that combines respirations, slow movements, and hypnotic sounds with the enchanting vision of the suspended body.

THE WATER TANK SESSIONS wants to foster collaboration among artists in order to promote joy, togetherness, and creativity from our homes. By bringing artists together, and generating distinct audiovisual experiences for the audience, the project wants to help palliate the solitude, sadness, and hard daily circumstances created by the pandemic.

The Water Tank Sessions I
Live online underwater performance and live sound
Duration: 17 minutes
Grace Exhibition Sapce, New York City, NY
November 20, 2020
© Copyright Verónica Peña & Tara Gladden 2020