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About The Substance Of Unity

I feel that we live in a very violent and instable time. As an artist, I think that it is very important to oppose to all this violence by promoting public demonstrations of tranquility (affection) and human unity.

On 2010, parallel to the works about “separation”, I started to work on a series of experimental participatory performances whose goal was to generate “emotional engagements amongst strangers”. Initially, I started these participatory performances moved by my personal need as an immigrant, as it happened that the absence of my family awoke in me a desire to experience a close connection with the strangers around me. For the performances, participants are invited to adopt a series of postures for several minutes. The innocent touch and physical proximity that occurs during the postures generate an intimate atmosphere and an idyllic union amongst the participants. These participatory performances are about sensing others and experiencing a respectful togetherness. I organize these performances because I believe that public demonstrations of affection promote understanding, tolerance, and a peaceful coexistence amongst persons.

Mirror Eyes
Installation / Performance
Duration: 7 hours
Times Square, New York
October / 06 / 2010
© Copyright 2010 by Verónica Peña