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     Amongst Strangers

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Amongst Strangers

“Place your hand close to the mouth of the person next to you, feel his breath on your palm, close your eyes, and listen.”  (One of seven postures offered to the participants of Amongst Strangers on September 29, 2012, Patchogue, New York.)

Amongst Strangers is a participatory performance about sensing others and experiencing a respectful togetherness. For the performance, the members of the audience were invited to lie down on a floor and adopt a series of postures. The participants adopted each posture for several minutes while they listened to live music. The innocent touch and physical proximity that occurred during the postures, combined with the music, generated an intimate atmosphere and an idyllic union amongst the participants of the performance.

Experimental participatory performance / live music
Duration: 30 minutes
89 North Music Venue, Patchogue, New York
September / 29 / 2012
© Copyright 2012 by Verónica Peña