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     2021     The Water Tank Sessions

     2020     The Body In The Substance

     2017     The Substance Of Heaven

The Body In The Substance

Awarded a FRANKLIN FURNACE FUND 2017-18.
To premier at Pioneer Works, NYC, in November 8, 2020 (postponed due to the pandemic).

The Body In The Substance is a durational performance in which I submerge my entire body within a liquid "substance" that slowly coagulates itself. When the "substance" has solidified, I am confined in the most beautiful stillness: as vulnerable as the ones still in the womb—unable to move, talk, or see, unable to hurt. Confined inside the "substance", the self gains power, the female body reveals strength, the immigrant body defies distance and separation. Stillness is a search for harmony, an act of resistance to counteract violence, fear, and injustice. The "substance" is the unknown, between the here and there, past and present, life and death.

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