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Artist: Ivan Vergara

Artist: Miao Jiaxin

Artist: Arantxa Araujo


"SANGRíA” explores human unity and the experience of life through the topic of blood, “sangre” in Spanish. Besides the well-known sweet Spanish alcoholic drink made of fruits and wine, SANGRíA also means the extraction of blood, the act and effect of bleeding, and the mess caused by the act of killing. SANGRÍA (san-gree-uh) is a word that may suggest sweetness and pleasure, at the same time that evokes hard, threatening images in connection with blood. This duality inspires the first event of the series, presenting the work of artists: ARANTXA ARAUJO, MIAO JIAXIN, and IVAN VERGARA.

Curated and Organized by Verónica Peña

Hosted by Qinza Najm

PRIME PRODUCE Apprentice Cooperative
Friday, November 22, 2019 7:30 - 10:00 pm
424 W 54th Street, New York City