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Artist: Nicole Goodwin

Artist: Kevin Quiles Bonilla

Artist: Jenna Kline


"HOMEOSTASIS" is a curatorial Performance Art project that highlights the work of artists who, by bodily reacting to violence, inequality, racism, rooted stereotypes, hypocrisy, the perfect, and the negative, contribute towards the opposite generating a more balanced, open, and just society. In its medical definition, Homeostasis describes a healthy state sustained by constant biochemical and physiological adjustments that happen between elements within an entity in order to achieve equilibrium, and preserve its existence. Overcoming obstacles, and working towards freedom, the positive, and the transparent, the live realities created by the showcased artists publicly challenge personal, social, and political disequilibrium in pursuit of a healthier system and a more harmonious state of being. The first enactment of Homeostasis presents the work of artists KEVIN QUILES BONILLA, NICOLE GOODWIN, and JENNA KLINE.

Curated and Organized by
Verˇnica Pe˝a